June 22, 2024
A Reporter and a Sociologist Explain NXIVM

A Reporter and a Sociologist Explain NXIVM

This podcast originally appeared on wnyc.org.

Josh Bloch, an investigative journalist and host of the CBC podcast Escaping NXIVM, joins us to discuss his work on the show and his interviews with a former member-turned-whistle blower.

Then, Janja Lalich Ph.D., a professor of sociology at California State University in Chico, speaks about why people join cults and her book Take Back Your Life: Recovering From Cults and Abusive Relationships.


Dr. Janja Lalich

Janja Lalich, Ph.D. is a researcher, author, and educator specializing in cults and extremist groups, with a particular focus on charismatic relationships, political and other social movements, ideology and social control, and issues of gender and sexuality.