April 19, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a lot of information about “X” group, do you want it?

Send me a message with the name and type of cult and the kind of information you have, and I will let you know if I’m interested.

Do you do interventions?

No. I will work with families or friends to get a sense of the situation. Then I will decide if I can be of any help, either with advice or referrals.

Are you a therapist?

No. I have a Ph.D. in Sociology/Social Psychology and am a Professor Emerita of Sociology (retired with honors). I have been working in this field for 30+ years and do educational consulting related to cults, extremism, and coercion.

Do you do individual consultations?

Typically, I begin with a 30-minute assessment to meet you and get a sense of your situation. Then, if we both agree to continue, I work on an hourly-fee basis, either on phone, Zoom, or Skype. To schedule an appointment, fill out the form in the Consulting Services section of this website.

Do you have or know of a support group?

The Lalich Center on Cults and Coercion offers several Discussion Groups and Workshops. These are not therapy groups. For information, fill out the sign-up form at www.lalichcenter.org


Dr. Janja Lalich

Janja Lalich, Ph.D. is a researcher, author, and educator specializing in cults and extremist groups, with a particular focus on charismatic relationships, political and other social movements, ideology and social control, and issues of gender and sexuality.